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Features for Model 910M2

  1. Press and hold the “on-off” key on the right for 3 seconds to turn on and trun off, then it will display the current air quality parameters.
  2. CO2 Detector: It displays the current CO2 data, as well as the temperature and humidity data, the colored ring will change according to the CO2 conten
  3. It is a simple operation that you can long press the “on-off” key on the right side for 3 seconds to turn on and off.
  4. The USB can be charged by plugging in a 5V power supply. The battery icon flashes in the charging state, and it stops when it is full. If the display is full but still flashing, it means that the charging is not saturated. Please wait for a while.

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  • carbon dioxide detector
  • co2 sensor
  • lcd co2 sensor
  • LCD display carbon dioxide detector
  • co2 sensor with battery

Please pay attention to the following conditions before using the air detector

This product has a built-in lithium battery, please use standard DC-5V charger

When operating, the air inlet and outlet can not be blocked to avoid numerical deviation.

Do not use it frequently in a dusty environment with poor air quality to prolong its service life.

Do not use this device in high temperature, high humidity, dirty places or near strong magnetic fields to avoid inaccurate values or internal circuit failure of it.

The device is avaliable within the temperature range of -10℃~45℃. Store the device and accessories in the temperature range of – 20℃~55℃. When the ambient temperature is too low or too high, it may cause equipment failure.

Please avoid exposure, rain or moisture to the equipment and accessories, otherwise it may cause malfunctions or risks of display screen, battery, case and circuit.

Do not use sharp objects like pins into the air inlet, outlet or charging space to avoid the damage of device.