Project Description

RK210PT dual-element infrared passive anti-pet motion detector. It is another detector widely used in home use in ROISCOK series products. It has the characteristics of strong signal capture ability, low false alarm and false alarm rate, low power consumption and true temperature compensation. The product has high technical content, sophisticated production technology and elegant appearance. And stable performance, long service life.

RK210PR can be equipped with a universal mounting bracket, which can be easily installed on the ceiling, wall or corner.

anti-pet motion detector

dual-element motion detector

Technical parameters :

  • Detection distance 10M (RK210PT)
  • Dual-element passive infrared detection technology
  • VPT anti-pet false alarm design, with microprocessor controller, reduce false alarms
  • True temperature compensation technology
  • Bipolar pulse count is adjustable
  • Anti-white light interference
  • No blind spot
  • Low power consumption
  • Anti-RF interference (25V/M -1GHz)
  • Fresnel optical lens
  • A special universal bracket is designed as a complete set
  • Unique anti-fluorescence interference
  • With ambient memory and C-type output mode

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