Project Description

Smoke detector and carbon monixide detector CO sensor combined with LCD display 910Q10

Product features

* High accurate electrochemical sensor and infrared photoelectric sensor

* LCD display concentration PPM

* 3*1.5V AA battery supply

* Ultra-long standby time, low current consumption

* Low-battery warning

* Alarm memory function

* Alarming pause (hush mode)

* Sound & flash alarm & LED indicating alarm

* SMT manufacture technology, reliable stability

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Technical parameter

Power supply: 3*1.5v AA battery

Static current: <80uA

Alarm current: <30mA

Alarm voice: smart human voice prompt

Sensor: electrochemical carbon monoxide sensor and infrared photoelectric sensor

Temperature: 0℃-50℃

Relative humidity: 10-95%

Carbon monoxide sensor detect concentration: 000-999 PPM

Smoke sensor sensitive: 0.1%db/m-9.9%db/m

Alarm indication: LCD display, voice prompt

Battery capacity: low battery alarm

Dimensions: 104*39mm