Project Description

Product main performance

1.Dynamic Threshold Adjustment Technology (IFT) to avoid false alarms caused by high frequency interference

2.Unique spherical lens avoids optical distortion and provides a more precise focus sector

3.Mainboard integrated optional end-of-line resistor No external resistor is required, which reduces installation workload and time and reduces construction costs

4.Sensitivity settings can be adjusted to meet the needs of different environments

5.Automatic temperature compensation to avoid false alarms when the ambient temperature is close to the human body temperature

6.The wide-angle indicator window makes it easy to observe the coverage of the detector during the walk test

7.Sealed concentrator to prevent insects and shield air, reduce the chance of sensor interference, and make the detector performance more stable

8.A tamper-proof bracket for easy installation and enhanced tamper protection

9.The ABS plastic shell is polished with a thickness of 3mm, which enhances the reliability of the optical system and is easy to clean the false alarm caused when the ambient temperature is close to the human body temperature.

wired angle pir sensors

wide angle pir sensors

Technical Specifications

Model : KX-15ED

Detection range :15 meters

Working voltage: 9~16VDC (12V standby)

Current consumption :- no alarm state 11mA (12V standby)

Current consumption :- alarm state 13mA (12V standby)

relay transistor: Relay output 60VDC, 50mA, protection

Alarm time :2.5s

Detection speed : 0.3~3m/s

Filtered white light :6500Lux

Lenses :3D space, inner groove array Fresnel lens

Protection : Filters UV rays

The best installation height is 1.8~2.4m

Weight :105g

Dimensions: 178x69x50mm

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